RuneQuest in Glorantha Character Sheet

RuneQuest in Glorantha Character Sheet
RuneQuest in Glorantha Character Sheet


It’s been a super long time since anyone posted anything here.  But, since I am embarking a new RuneQuest campaign with some old gaming friends and with some moderately experienced young adults but also with some not too experienced middle-schoolers I thought I’d start posting again.  I’m thinking about posting some campaign summaries and anecdotes as we go through some new adventures and some old standards (thinking of Rainbow Mounds and probably Pavis and Big Rubble). I expect it should be pretty entertaining with this group if the few one shots we’ve already played are any indication.

Why another RuneQuest character sheet?

I’m going to start with the RuneQuest in Glorantha Quickstart, I’m planning on posting a review of that soon, along with Classic edition to fill in any gaps I feel there might be until the full release of the rules later this year.  Since I’m planning on having the players make their own characters instead of using the pre-generated ones I felt I needed a character sheet for it so I took a stab at a preliminary sheet for RQG.  And as Nick Middleton said in another post about character sheets “no matter how pressing more important tasks are on a new setting or campaign, it’s always more fun to create the character sheet”.

So this RuneQuest character sheet contains a bit of from other RQ character sheets over the years including the second edition, third edition and a little bit of Magic World and Basic Roleplaying to add a more modern feel to it.  I think as far as character sheets go it’s pretty information dense which could be good or bad.  I may make a simpler version at some point as well.  In any case once the latest version of the game is out I’ll update the sheet and create non-human sheets as well because I mean who doesn’t want to play a durulz or morokanth at some point.

And so I present this character sheet here for your use, enjoy!