Uncounted Worlds

Home of Uncounted Worlds, the Magazine of Basic Role Playing

Uncounted Worlds is intended to promote playing of Basic Role Playing by providing concrete assistance to GM’s – scenarios, NPC’s, objects, places and situations.

My broad inspiration is the “golden age” of RPG publishing in the early 1980’s: Chaosium’s Griffin Mountain, GDW’s The Traveller Adventure. People, places, things that can both help a beleaguered GM fill a gap in their game and provided a GM looking for inspiration with that spark to compose their own scenario or encounter.

Uncounted Worlds will be a not for profit fan zine. The plan is to make it available in both PDF and Print on Demand form. There will be a small fee (sufficient to offset production costs, maintaining email adresses, contributed to the costs of this website etc) associated with the PDF and print copies will also incur the cost of printing.

I have sought and obtained Chaosium’s permission to use their trademark Basic Role Playing and work has already started on collating material for the first issue. More details will be posted shortly here, including contributors guidelines, and I will also be emailing several people who expressed an interest in contributing when the idea was first informally mentioned at a number of BRP discussion forums.