Adversaries v0.7b Update & Roadmap

Adversaries is a work in progress application allowing you to generate creatures from the bestiary with varying power levels as well as NPCs. This is not intended to create rabble but rather create stats for unique adversaries. There are multiple output styles available including styles that thematically match various editions of RuneQuest and Basic Roleplaying….

Greg Stafford is dead. Long live Greg Stafford!

Greg Stafford is best known for bringing the world of Glorantha to life, for founding Chaosium, and creating the games Runequest, Pendragon as well as helping bring forth many others. He was also one the most influential, if not the most influential designer of role playing games. It would seem that if someone has some…

RuneQuest – Roleplaying in Glorantha Updated Character Sheet (pre-release)

I’ve done a bit more revision to the RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha character sheet. As before this one contains pretty much everything that’s needed. The caveat being that it’s probably about the best I can manage short of actually having the the final game in my hands.  This will hopefully be the final version until…