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As your go-to unofficial platform, Basic Roleplaying.Net is the preeminent destination for enthusiasts of the Basic Role Playing system, especially those interested in Chaosium’s celebrated d100 System. As an all-inclusive repository, we aim to provide various materials thoughtfully designed for games within the Basic Roleplaying system. To enjoy full access to these invaluable resources, we warmly invite you to register with Basic Roleplaying.Net, granting you smooth and seamless access to our extensive website and informative blog.

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Set off on an adventure through our captivating collection of resources, each one brimming with the potential to enrich your gaming experience:

  • Pete Maranci’s Chaos Project: Here, you will discover an array of user-contributed lists, including fascinating items, unique abilities, and complex NPCs, all of which can be seamlessly incorporated into your gaming sessions, adding depth and nuance to your narratives.
  • Nick Middleton’s Uncounted Worlds: This fresh fanzine is a testament to the creativity and passion of the Basic Roleplaying community. Each issue invites you to explore new realms and ideas, sparking inspiration for your own gaming adventures.
  • Scenario Archive: Delve into an array of scenarios and adventures, each tailored explicitly for the Basic Roleplaying system, designed to draw you in and elevate your gaming encounters.
  • BRP World Forges: Join a community of like-minded individuals collaborating to create unique game worlds for Basic Roleplaying. This shared endeavor is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines the best of the roleplaying community.
  • Rules Workshop: Master the various rule variants and add-ons for the Basic Roleplaying system. Knowledge is power; the deeper your understanding, the more fulfilling your gaming sessions become.
  • RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha Tools: These utilities are designed to make your RuneQuest games even more immersive:
    • Adversaries: A tool that generates fully fleshed-out adversaries to challenge your players in RuneQuest.
    • Gloranthan Weather: Craft a campaign log and daily weather conditions for added realism in your games.
    • GoonQuest III: Based on Loren Wiseman’s GoonQuest, this utility generates minimal NPCs that pack enough information to keep the narrative flowing.
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Name Generator: This powerful tool will generate captivating and appropriate names and words for your game.

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