BRP Dyshas a Jorune Conversion

Skyrealms of Jorune - BRP DyshasSkyrealms of Jorune

Rough draft of an attempt to convert Jorune 3rd edition Dyshas / Isho to “monograph” BRP.

BRP Jorune: Sho-Caudal Key Concepts

Isho pervades all things on Jorune: it permeates all matter and conditions all things. It has both a geography and a form of meteorology: a dynamic topology that flows and changes, shaping and being shaped by the living beings that exist within it, the physical structures of the world and the position and motion of the seven moons. All living things have an Isho score and a Colour score (and thus at least base Moon Skills): but some inanimate/non-living things can also be so described (including much Shanthic technology).

An individual’s Isho score represents how much isho they naturally accumulate within themselves and is important for all creatures in certain prevailing isho conditions. Isho points are essential for powering isho manipulations such as weaving dyshas, Interfering against dyshas and activating isho-bearing crystals. Isho points are a function of isho score, training and the prevailing isho topology.

An individual’s Colour score represents the subtle qualities and affinities of the isho with the individual, and their facility with the different types of isho. It reflects personality, disposition and capability, determining the base scores in the seven moon skills that are the foundation of isho manipulation, and governing the individual’s interaction with the isho flow.

Amongst caji (and shanthas, from whom they learned the practice) it is customary upon first meeting to display one’s nuall as a sign of good faith (and a form of introduction – almost a declaration of identity amongst shantha). A nuall is a low powered isho construct (technically the simplest form of dysha) woven and held between the hands, typically about the size of a soccer ball. The isho woven into the naull reveals the weaver’s isho profile (spread of Moon skills), personality and state of mind. Unbeknown to shanthas, at least some of this information can be interpreted from the visual form of the naull (something they, being blind to visible light, had never taken account of).

Rules contain Skyrealms of Jorune conversion for BRP.