RuneQuest Glorantha Character Sheet – Take 2

By Dan Zappone July 23, 2017 2 Min Read
RuneQuest Glorantha Character Sheet
RuneQuest Glorantha Character Sheet v0.2

In my previous post, I posted my first take on the new RuneQuest Glorantha character sheet based on previous RQ sheets and the new RuneQuest Quickstart.  After I posted it, some folks pointed out that a number of things were missing or could be improved, such as rune affiliations, cults, and rune points.  I’m a big fan of keeping all the things players can do in combat or interacting with the world on the front of the character sheet, as players tend to look to their character sheets for inspiration.

RuneQuest Character Sheet – Now with More Runes

A few things I missed (unsurprising considering my search for additional information was brief) were Designing the New Runequest – Part 1 on the Chaosium Blog and About the next RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha on Runeblog.  Both gave hints about how the rune and rune magic would work.  Based on what I have seen elsewhere in testing, I based the rune affiliations and cults part of the character sheet.  I updated the skills to include all I could find and double-checked the starting percentages.  Along with that, I did some reformatting and rearranging, then removed a few things that didn’t fit and were really taking up space in on the sheet. Finally, I removed the boxiness to give it a more open feel which will hopefully be pleasing.

That reverse contains room for equipment, notes, armor type by location, magic items, and space for mounts, elementals, spirits, familiars, and follows (well, up to three at least)

In the next version, I will try to re-work the hit location silhouette and weapons table and see if I can get the passions set up in a less cramped way.  Suggestions are welcome, so please contact me if you think something is missing.