Deluxe Basic Roleplaying

By Dan Zappone March 13, 2006 1 Min Read

I have recently started playtesting Deluxe Basic Role-Playing1, an upcoming RPG game from Chaosium set to be published in 2008. The system is very promising and adaptable to different genres and settings. We have already received over 340 pages of the test material. While it will likely be condensed for publication, the flexibility and depth of the game mechanics are already apparent.

One of the most significant advantages of the Deluxe Basic Role-Playing system is its wide variety of options, allowing players to customize their gaming experience to suit their preferences. I hope the creators will consider releasing some of the materials under an open license, as it would encourage players to develop their content for the game.

Mongoose Publishing is also releasing a new set of rules for RuneQuest, which may share some similarities with Deluxe Basic Role-Playing. According to reports, the rules for RuneQuest will be open source, meaning players can use and distribute them freely.

Although using the Deluxe Basic Role-Playing or RuneQuest logos on one’s products may be a minor selling point, an open-source license provides ample opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

On a different note, I am considering developing a wholly open-source and Creative Commons-licensed version of RPG rules. Publishers tend to be possessive of their creations, but the system cannot be copyrighted or patented. As such, using a Wiki platform like MediaWiki, which powers Wikipedia, would be an exciting idea to create a collaborative site for developing RPG rules. It would be a fully interactive effort to encourage players to contribute their ideas and make gaming more accessible to everyone.

1 – 2023 update: this is now called BRP Classic