Pax Romana for Basic Roleplaying

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Pax Romana
Pax Romana

A sneak preview of a forthcoming Chaosium BRP supplement for roleplaying in Ancient Rome… In actual fact, this was originally written as a player’s guide for a campaign set in Rome at the time of Nero. But by the strange hand of Fortuna a friend passed it on to our friends at Chaosium, who expressed an interest in publishing a complete campaign setting! The following pdf document is a tiny taster of what will appear in the final book. It contains some character generation, a streamlined version of the BRP rules, a brief look at Roman magic, how to create a Roman name and some fun Roman laws. The final book will include greatly expanded versions of the above, along with an in-depth guide to Roman society, culture, history, mythology, some purely Roman creatures, maps of Rome, rules for gladiators and charioteering, and anything else I can squeeze into the final page count! But for those of you who can’t wait, feel free to use Pax Romana as a springboard for starting your own Roman campaigns… Valeas, Pete

Excerpt from Pax Romana

You are citizens of Rome, the greatest city in the world! Great and mighty Nero is now emperor of the empire, and the legions have conquered to the edges of the world. However, despite your status, life is not always easy in the capital. Let us briefly examine the glory which is Rome…

Life in Rome

Fresh water is provided via aqueducts and bread is handed out to the poor. Sewers exist but most sell their urine to the dyers guild. The violent entertainments held in the Circus Maximus and Amphitheatre are popular, as is the betting and drinking which accompany them. Yet crime is rife in the depressed areas, slaves are often maltreated and narrow streets are unsafe to travel at night. Truly the best and worst of life are held within Rome’s bosom.

You can get the full updated and current release of the rules, Mythic Rome, at DriveThruRPG