Sub-Cult – Humakt Truthseeker (RuneQuest)

By Dan Zappone February 5, 2017 10 Min Read
Humkati Truthseeker
Humkati Truthseeker

Humakt, widely revered as the god of Death and War, has not always been exclusively associated with these domains. He also embodies the essence of truth through the Truth rune. Truthseekers, who frequently serve as judges and mediators, are mainly found within the Humakt Temple and remain relatively unknown to the outside world. To them, the value of truth is inextricably linked to life, and as such, Truthseekers champion life itself.

Mythos and History

Born to Umath, the Primal Air, and Orenour, the goddess of Truth, Humakt is a unique figure among storm gods, as he did not originate from violence. When Umath entered the world, his presence incited violence and suffering for many. Witnessing this, Orenour attempted to reform Umath by revealing the pain his offspring would inflict upon the world. Umath acknowledged the veracity of Orenour’s words but felt powerless to change the situation. However, he chose to have a child with Orenour, and that child was Humakt.

During his early years, Humakt lived with his mother, Orenour, and learned the significance of truth. As he matured, his storm-like nature became more apparent, ultimately leading to his departure from the Celestial Court. Humakt then went to live with his father, Umath, and it soon became evident that he differed from his siblings. He was more contemplative and less prone to violence, often spending time alone in deep thought. When disputes arose around Humakt, he possessed the unique ability to discern the righteous from the unjust, earning a reputation for his integrity. As a child, other storm gods sought his judgment to resolve their conflicts. Although less violent than his brethren, Humakt remained a formidable warrior, always accepting challenges that defended the truth. In victory, he was gracious, and in defeat, he was honorable.

Throughout recorded history, Humakt has consistently held his position as the harbinger of Death for all. As the god of mercenaries and soldiers, he can be found on every side of any conflict. He advocates for honor and courage while condemning senseless carnage. Humakt ensures that the path to Hell is populated by honorable warriors. Additionally, he continues to serve as a truth-teller and judge among the storm gods, becoming the patron deity of judges, counselors, and champions.

Followers of the Humakt cult are promised a special section of Hell where they can hone their skills and prepare for the Final Days, or at least the next full-scale War of the Gods. In doing so, they also protect Hell from encroachment by chaos. However, worshipers of Humakt are rarely resurrected.

The cult holds no particular concern for the fate of their deceased members’ bodies as long as they are treated respectfully according to local customs and not turned into undead. It is customary for members to sing a victory song over a grave, commemorate the deceased with a feast, and then move on. It is not unusual to see the fallen member’s shattered sword embedded in the burial or funeral site as a symbol of their final resting place.

Humakt is often considered one of the most single-minded deities. In recognition, the Death Rune is most commonly associated with his worship. Another significant Runic Power attributed to the cult is that of Truth.

The Cult in the World

Humakt, the god of death and war, holds an enduring position within the pantheon of deities. His followers, known as Swords, serve as instructors and spiritual advisors for mercenary and national military forces. In times of danger, they are often the first to be called upon to lead treacherous quests unless a more subtle approach is required. In many regions, Humakt’s temples function as recruitment centers for those seeking to hire skilled fighters.

The social standing of Humakt worshipers fluctuates depending on the region (as explored in Hearts of Humakt). Humakt is primarily revered as a god of Truth in areas characterized by peace. The sword of death is granted only to those in old age or suffering from illness. Conversely, Humakt is highly respected as the god of death and war in regions marred by conflict.

The philosophy of Humakti disapproves of separating a body from its spirit. Thus, death cults that specialize in creating zombies, skeletons, and vampires are considered abhorrent to Humakt, and his temples actively combat such practices.

Humakt has a strong aversion to the Darkness god, Zorak Zoran, a brutal deity who revels in mass murder and atrocities without any semblance of honor. This animosity is mutual, as Zorak Zoran regards Humakt as weak and overly cautious. While the two cults do not engage in open warfare, their members are often found on opposing sides of a conflict.

A professional rivalry exists between the cult of Humakt and that of Yelmalio, although no formal competition is mandated. In some regions, a rivalry also emerges between Humakt and Orlanth. In such cases, a contest is typically required, whether it involves a battle of wits or a physical duel.

Initiate Membership

Requirements: To become an initiate member of the Truthseekers within the Humakt Temple, a candidate must fulfill several requirements. They must already be an initiate in good standing and be sponsored by a Runelord of Humakt. The candidate must pass a lore test and achieve a POW x5 roll on a 1d100 dice roll. Following this, the candidate must sacrifice one point of power.

Note: It is important to note that Truthseeker initiates are prohibited from using dull blade or bludgeon spirit magic spells. Although they can be resurrected, unlike regular Humakti, this fact remains unknown to most Truthseekers. Their bodies still cannot be transformed into undead creatures. Upon acceptance, the initiate must relinquish their current gift and geas (unless it aligns with the Truthseeker gifts) and obtain a new Truthseeker gift. As they remain Humakti, Truthseekers continue to be formidable warriors.

Spirit Magic: In addition to the standard Humakti spirit magic, Truthseekers have access to the following spells: all detect magic and mindspeech.

Trueswords of Humakt

Humakt's Runes
Humakt’s Runes

Requirements: To become a Truesword of Humakt, candidates must meet specific requirements. They must have a 90% proficiency in Sword Attack and Parry and possess expertise in at least four of the following skills: Orate, Scan, Animal Lore, Human Lore, World Lore, and Sense Assassin. Additionally, candidates must have a Ceremony skill of 25% or higher.

Notes: When requesting divine intervention, Trueswords roll a 1d10 instead of a 1d100. As priests, Trueswords can also obtain reusable divine magic. A new Truesword must accept at least one additional gift and its corresponding geas. However, they may take on as many gifts and geases as they desire.

Common Divine Magic: All (particularly Divination, Soul Sight, and Sanctify)

Special Divine Magic: Detect Truth, Morale, Oath, Sever Spirit, Truesword, Turn Undead, and Truespeak.

Gifts and Geases

All gifts and geases for Truthseekers are founded on a singular truth. By emulating their god, an initiate can become more like Humakt. The recipient may select any gift they desire, but they must also accept its associated geas.

Gifts and Geases

1+20% in a cult-related skill (Sense Assassin, Orate, Lore, Scan)Never use one type of non-cult weapon
2+20% in a cult-related skill (Sense Assassin, Orate, Lore, Scan)Remain silent one specified day of the week
3Gain the ability to speak Truthspeech at 30% plus communication modifierPay double tithing each holy day
4+1 CON, no limitsPay double tithing each holy day
5+1 POW, no limitsPay double tithing each holy day
6+1 DEX, no limitsPay double tithing each holy day
7+1 APP, no limitsPay double tithing each holy day
8+1 INT, no limitsSacrifice 1 point of POW to Humakt per year
9+1 INT, no limitsSacrifice 1 point of POW to Humakt per year
10Begin Sense Assassin skill at 30% plus perception modifierNever participate in an ambush
11+10% to any skillRemain celibate every Truthweek
12+4 effective CON versus poison & diseaseNever use poison
13Gain the ability to Detect Undead as per spell at no magic point costNever lie to a friendly cultist
14Permanent ability to FarseeAccept no spirit magic healing
15Gain the ability to Detect Truth as per spell simply by concentrating, at no magic point costNever use non-cult magic
1690% in one Lore skillMistrust all non-Humakti except those friendly to Humakt
17Recover fatigue at double the normal rateNever lie
18Gift of Languages (Training or research take half the normal time)Remain silent 1 week per season
19Recover magic points at double the normal rate+5% to attack with a cult weapon
20Recover magic points at double normal rateNever refuse a challenge to a contest

Special Truthseeker Skills and Spells

Truthseekers have access to unique skills and spells besides the standard Humakti special skills and spells.


Truthspeech (00%) – This language is connected to the Truth Rune and is believed to encompass the True Names of all things. Knowledge of Truthspeech grants a deeper understanding of the essence of truth.

Divine Magic

2 points
ranged, temporal, nonstackable, reusable
This potent spell forces the target to speak only the truth for the spell’s duration and respond to questions in a literal manner. For each question asked, the user must overcome the target’s magic points with their own to compel the truth-telling. While the target can choose to remain silent, if they decide to speak and their magic points are overcome, they are bound to tell the truth. This spell ensures that the affected individual’s information is accurate and reliable.