RuneQuest – Roleplaying in Glorantha Character Sheet (pre-release)

RuneQuest - Roleplaying in Glorantha Character Sheet
RuneQuest – Roleplaying in Glorantha Character Sheet


I’ve been re-working the RuneQuest Glorantha character sheet and this is the final pre-release version. This one should contain pretty much everything that’s needed with the caveat being that it’s probably about the best I can manage short of actually having the the final game in my hands.  I expect this to be the final version until the release of the full game barring any glaring errors, which, if you see any please let me know.

RuneQuest Glorantha Character Sheet Changes

I’ve added all known skills to the chart and specced out the skills with the weapons listed as part of the skills.  There’s a new player hit location homunculus that hopefully provides better readability.  Rune affiliations and cults are better integrated into the character sheet.  I updated the skills to include all that I could find and double checked the starting percentages.  Passions have been adjusted to allow better usability.  As before the reverse contains room for equipment, notes, armor type by location, magic items, and space for followers (well, up to two at least) and at least two mounts, elementals, spirits, familiars,

I’ve also adjusted font sizes and styles for readability (if over 45 you may still need glasses), the layout has  been updated, and I’ve made many minor tweaks.  There are two versions of the character sheet in this download.  One has a splash of color to the headings and runes and the other one is solely in black and white.

Special thanks to RuneBlog, Chaosium’s Blog and others for the clues to create this.

Aside from fixing any minor errors the next version will be released after the game is release.  I am, however, considering creating a ledger and legal size versions than can can be created as a foldable sheet if there is any interest.