Outpost 19 – A New BRP Supplement

By Nick Middleton December 26, 2008 1 Min Read
Outpost 19 Cover
Outpost 19 Cover

I am pleased as punch to announce (some what belatedly here, as we’ve had some issues!) that on 18th December 2008 Chaosium released the PDF edition of my BRP Monograph, Outpost 19 supplement for Basic Roleplaying, a science fiction scenario, complete with a sketch of the wider setting, pre-generated characters, maps and handouts.

From Worlds of Wonder to Outpost 19

Inspired by Chaosium’s original Worlds of Wonder, specifically the SF component Future*World, classic SF such as Heinlein’s A Tunnel in the Sky and modern SF such as the works of Alastair Reynolds and Ken Macleod, and too much UK children’s TV SF from the 1970’s, it is set on an archaeological research station on newly colonised world at the edge of settled space. There has been an outbreak of an unknown disease at the station and the player characters are trouble shooters scrambled from the sponsoring corporations nearest offices to try and resolve the problem.

Hopefully a print edition will follow in the new year some time. In the meanwhile, in amongst the mince pies and obligatory festive visits to relatives, I am working on improved versions of the maps and some of the other handouts to support the monograph. Happy Holidays everyone!