Uncounted Worlds for Basic Roleplaying – Issue One

Uncounted Worlds Issue 1
Uncounted Worlds Issue 1

Finally, after numerous trials and tribulations that I won’t bore the world with (mainly because it would be too depressing to rehearse them all again…), the first issue of Uncounted Worlds issue 1 is now available! At the moment it’s available as a free PDF or at-cost PoD in A4, saddle stitched format from Lulu. I’m also passing a copy of the PDF to Chaosium, and will be putting a copy up here and do intend to try to do a reformatted US letter format edition at some point.

I’m currently viewing this as more a sampler issue than a full issue – there is far too much stuff by me in it, and as well as a lack of diversity amongst the authors there’s precious little art as well. Both are things I intend to try and remedy for the next issue, so if you have material you would be willing to contribute please get in touch.