Basic Roleplaying (BRP) Supplements

By Nick Middleton July 26, 2008 3 Min Read
Ashes to Ashes for BRP
Ashes to Ashes

The game is beginning to get supplements. Chaosium have launched the dark fantasy setting Ashes to Ashes for BRP as a monograph PDF with a print edition to follow soon:

This Basic Roleplaying setting casts the adventurers as mavericks in a fantasy world that is losing a war it does not even know that it is fighting. Hidden demons and their mortal minions—many of whom do not even know who their masters truly are—manipulate events from the shadows, experimenting with social control mechanisms to steer the human cattle in the direction that they want them to go. The adventurers’ goal is to discover and stop them.

More information can be found at Chaosium’s catalogue page

Berlin 61 for BRP
Berlin 61

Also just released, or technically re-released, is Berlin ’61. Again this is currently available as a monograph PDF and will be in print form shortly. This a BRP reworking of the product originally released via the MRQ STL / OGL.

A setting for different Basic Roleplaying genres. Includes information on life in the city during the cold war, key locations, and special organizations. Battle spies, assassins, cultists and the Dark Herald Kototh. A great back-drop for espionage adventures in the 1960s style, and silver age superhero action!

More information can be found at Chaosium’s catalogue page

Plus of course there’s a whole slew of supplements in various stages of development but with as yet no firm publication date, as well as the recent wave of Call of Cthulhu specific monographs. And Chaosium have a number of other irons in the fire – the Basic Roleplaying Adventure contest is still open (move quickly though, closing date is next Thursday!) and Jason Durall has recently turned in the manuscript for the Basic Roleplaying Quick Start (see his blog post for July 1st), plus there are a number of projects not yet formally announced. The ones I definitely know of are mine: I’ve got a scenario with Chaosium awaiting art and layout, and a couple of very short pieces as well. It seems reasonable therefore that there will be others…