Steve Perrin’s Quest Rules (SPQR)

By Dan Zappone July 17, 2008 2 Min Read
Steve Perrin's Quest Rules
Steve Perrin’s Quest Rules

Just saw this in the RuneQuest mailing list.  Thought I would let everyone know about it.

I realize that this is a sign of the Apocalypse, but I am actually working on SPQR. I haven’t updated the chapter available on my website because it is still being worked on, but soon.

If you are a subscriber to the rules, now would be a good time to remind me. I’ve undergone about three new computers and a couple of crashed hard drives and a motherboard, and my list has suffered greatly. I used to keep copies of everyone’s subscription letters, but they were in one of those hard drive disasters.

Since I am actually working on the skills chapter, reminding me would be good at this time. If you would like to look at my first chapter (whether a subscriber or not), send me an email and I’ll pass it along. It’s offered free on the website, anyway.

Oh, and I’m gaming guest of honor at SpoCon in Spokane over the weekend of August 2nd, if anyone here is up there and wants to stop by and say howdy.

Take care, all,
Steve Perrin

If you want to get in touch with Steve I suggest stopping by his website – Perrin’s World of Wonder.