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Basic Roleplaying
Basic Roleplaying

So I haven’t been able to actually to any testing of the rules – heck I haven’t even had the time to read through all of them. I really need to print them out and well it’s like 348 pages so even if I double up the number of page per sheet and print them double sided I’m still looking at a good 87 pages.

The formatting of the play test rules is, as expected, pretty plain. Which can make for some dense reading – ultimately I’m sure they will look good as Chaosium has historically been quite good with production quality.

As of now the available sections are:

  • Introduction and Terms
  • Characters
  • Powers
  • System
  • Basic Character Sheet

With the following forthcoming:

  • The Game World
  • Campaigns
  • Gamemastering
  • Bestiary and NPCs

I think that’s pretty inclusive for the base rules. And that’s about all I can say about it now – while there is no NDA there is a sense of honor and a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’, and I don’t mean in the negative connotations of the term, not to distribute or discuss the contents of the documents. Of the existence of the documents and their subject matter, no mention was made so I don’t think this or the previous post violate that agreement – but if I am notified that they do I’ll remove them.

I’m thinking I need to print and bind the rules and then spend some time making characters and see if I can round up a few people for a test character creation and some scenario bits – a mêlée combat, a brawl, a gunfight, a hunting challenge, some characteristic and skill contests with the idea to test out various aspects of the rules.