More Deluxe Basic Roleplaying

By Dan Zappone March 14, 2006 2 Min Read

So I haven’t been able to actually to any testing of the rules – heck I haven’t even had the time to read through all of them. I really need to print them out and well it’s like 348 pages so even if I double up the number of page per sheet and print them double sided I’m still looking at a good 87 pages.

The formatting of the playtest rules is quite plain, which can make for some dense reading. However, I’m confident that Chaosium, being historically known for their excellent production quality, will make the final product look great.

As of now the available sections are:

  • Introduction and Terms
  • Characters
  • Powers
  • System
  • Basic Character Sheet

With the following forthcoming:

  • The Game World
  • Campaigns
  • Gamemastering
  • Bestiary and NPCs

Although there is no NDA in place, there is an unwritten agreement among playtesters to not distribute or discuss the contents of the documents. While I don’t believe mentioning the existence of the documents and their subject matter violates this agreement, if I am notified otherwise, I will remove this post.

Moving forward, I plan on printing and binding the rules and spending some time creating characters. I hope to gather a few people to conduct some test scenarios, such as a mêlée combat, a brawl, a gunfight, a hunting challenge, and some characteristic and skill contests to test out various aspects of the rules. With this approach, I hope to gain a better understanding of how the rules work in practice.