Basic Roleplaying Design Challenge

By Dan Zappone March 24, 2024 2 Min Read
Basic Roleplaying Design Challenge PosterBasic Roleplaying Design Challenge

Chaosium has recently announced an exciting opportunity for aspiring game developers: the Basic Roleplaying Design Challenge! This initiative aims to offer financial support to new and emerging creators who want to independently publish their games in digital or physical formats. Chaosium is committed to promoting a diverse range of voices in game design and is seeking original ideas, concepts, and game mechanics. The main goal is to ensure that every noteworthy submission is published independently.

Participation in the BRP Design Challenge is free of charge. Applicants must submit the following materials for consideration:

  • A detailed and concise pitch of their game idea.
  • A comprehensive production budget.
  • A plan detailing how the prize money will assist in the realization of their game.
  • An analysis comparing their game to existing market offerings, highlighting its unique position.
  • An explanation of how they have incorporated the BRP rules into their game.
  • A description of what sets their application of the BRP system, their game’s setting, or the gameplay experience apart from others.

All participants will maintain full ownership of their submissions. Chaosium does not ask for any transfer of rights for entering the challenge. Furthermore, both winners and notable entries will have the liberty to publish their games without any royalty obligations under the ORC license, irrespective of the prize money awarded.

Prize Breakdown

Shortlist: Up to 10 entries will each receive $500.

Winners: Out of the shortlisted entries, 3 will be chosen to receive an additional $2000 each.

People’s Choice: One entry, selected through a public vote from among the shortlisted, will gain an extra $500.

This initiative is not just a competition; it’s a platform to bring innovative and diverse roleplaying games to the forefront, supporting the creative process from conception to publication.

Looking for helpful information on getting started? Check out the Chaosium primer for designing games with BRP!

You can submit your game to the BRP Design Challenge here!

You can read the BRP Design Challenge FAQ on Chaosium’s BRP Design Challenge page.