RuneQuest Panel at GenCon 50

Notes from the RuneQuest Panel

This is based on others’ notes from the RuneQuest panel at GenCon 50. I’ve added some information directly from Chaosium and generally trustworthy rumors or posts elsewhere.  Once Chaosium posts the video for the panel, I’ll link it here.

RuneQuest Preview Soft-Focus Glamour Shot
RuneQuest Preview Soft-Focus Glamour Shot

The Runequest: Roleplaying in Glorantha PDF will be released around November 2017 and be available in print in early 2018. Chaosium has previously said that print editions will be available for purchase by Christmas 2017 and in your FLGS in early 2018.

The first series of books will include:

  • The RuneQuest core rule book
  • The RuneQuest bestiary
  • A GM pack that includes a Return to Apple Lane scenario.

The character creation supports characters from Sartar, Esrolia, Grazelands, Prax, Old Tarsh, and Lunar Tarsh. The cults in the core book are Argan Argar, Babeester Gor, Chalana Arroy, Daka Fal, Eiritha, Engizi, Ernalda, Eurmal, Foundchild, Humakt, Issaries, Lhankor Mhy, Maran Gor, Odayla, Orlanth, Seven Mothers, Storm Bull, Waha, Yelm, Yelmalio, and Yinkin. The bestiary contains about 12 playable races. We can assume it will include the standard Gloranthan elder races like Mostali (Dwarves), Aldramyi (Elves), and Uz (Trolls), among others. It will include Dulrulz (Ducks), but Broo is specifically not a playable race.

The Glorantha setting has been updated, and the year is not 1621 anymore. Based on the RQ quickstart, it looks like it’s about 1625. The Lunar Empire is no longer an occupying power, and mixed Lunar/Lightbringer parties will be common. The game’s power level is that of extraordinary characters though it should be able to scale. The time scale for campaigns is roughly one scenario per season, like Torchlight. The cult books will have stories like Cults of Prax, like “The Travels of Biturian Varosh.”

Second Wave of Books

The second series of books will include:

  • The Heroes Book which provides support and frameworks for heroquesting using the RuneQuest rules
  • An updated version of the ever-popular Trollpack.
  • A second RuneQuest quickstart
  • Cults of Dragon Pass, the first of several cult books
  • A Glorantha quickstart which will provide an introduction to the setting.

RuneQuest – a better game

  • The core rules are still the same and based on RuneQuest, 2nd Edition, with good backward compatibility with previous editions.
  • Weapons take damage more often, making them more realistic.
  • There are new rules to improve immersion in the setting
  • New rules add rune associations and passions, which augment characters’ motivations.
  • Spirit combat is rebuilt so it doesn’t split the player types so much.
  • Sorcery is a logical process, not a superpower, with less math required.
  • There are also new rules around cults and rune magic. This helps avoid the initiate trap of sacrificing POW for rune spells.
  • Finally, the rules support progression to the rune level, not provide barriers.


There was some discussion about how this is a narrative problem, not a power problem. The station’s approach in HeroQuest was thought to be too formulaic and required too much upfront knowledge. There are too many deus ex machina HeroQuests based on obscure lore.

Gloranthan Campaign Coins
Gloranthan Campaign Coins

Other news

As Chaosium said before, there is no Kickstarter for RQ. Chaosium did say there will be a Kickstarter for Gloranthan coins from Campaign Coins in February 2018. Also in the works is an RQ coloring book, like the recent Cthulhu one.