New RuneQuest Released by Mongoose Publishing!

By Dan Zappone August 1, 2006 4 Min Read
Mongoose RuneQuest

Mongoose RuneQuest

Well Mongoose Publishing has released the new version of Legend (formerly Mongoose RuneQuest). I have yet to see a copy of it. I doubt it’s available in my local hobby stores (King’s Hobby or Dragon’s Lair) as yet.

The discussion on the RQ-Rules list has been pretty fractious at this point. Some folks say it diverges too much from the old RuneQuest some say it’s still a Basic Roleplaying variant. I’m sure it’s both. To me it presents an alterative to the d20 system that is open (at least to some degree.) In the meantime you can find all the previews available here.

I plan on getting a copy of the rules as soon as possible and seeing if I can get a group together. We do plan on publishing free adventures and resources for RuneQuest online here soon.

Here’s a list of the current previews that Mongoose has available on their site. The Open SRD for RuneQuest is available from Mongoose and we have a copy on our wiki.

RuneQuest – Main Rulebook

Introduction Preview — This contains pages 1-3 of the rules including credits and introduction plus Open Game License statement. (rqpreview1.pdf / 447 Kb)

Characters and Combat — The second preview is of character creation, a weapons list and combat. It comprises and the second preview of the new RuneQuest! (rqpreview2.pdf / 638 Kb)

Magic Preview — This is a preview of the magic chapter. The preview contains four pages, 58-59, 61, 66. It gives a hint of what the rune magic is like has a few spells listed. (rqpreview3.pdf / 613 Kb)

Cults and Adventuring — The fourth preview comprises pages 73, 80-81, and 93. has a bit of info on cults, adventuring and a smidgen on what looks like legendary abilities (rqpreview4.pdf / 642 Kb)

Improvement and Creatures — The final preview is pages 97, 99, and 104-105. There is a brief bit on experience and few pages on creatures including dragons, ducks and dwarves as well as a bit about adventuring creatures. Also has a scary picture of a duck. (rqpreview5.pdf / 592 Kb)

Character Sheet — This is the Official Character Sheet for RuneQuest. Not particularly pleasing to the eye but you can tell a fair amount about how characters are created by looking at it. (rqcharsheet.pdf / 190 Kb)

Rune Sheet — A reference sheets for Rune users including powers gained from runes when integrated (not sure what that entails exactly as yet.) (rqpreview6.pdf / 105 Kb)

RuneQuest Companion

Introduction, Characters & Magic — This is first preview of the RuneQuest companion. It shows pages 2-3 which are an introduction and expansion of character creation, 9 and introduction to divine magic, and 23 and introduction to sorcery. (rqcomppre1.pdf / 604 Kb)

More Magic and Adventuring — This is preview two of the RQ Companion. It has information on enchantments, spirit combat and downtime between adventures. This preview is comprised of pages 38, 45, 50, and 67. (rqcomppre2.pdf / 607 Kb)

Travel and Temples — RQ Companion preview three has some info on travel by water an introduction to temples and a partial sample of the features of a minor temple of a storm king. (rqcomppre3.pdf / 628 Kb)

Glorantha – The Second Age

Glorantha Map — A pretty decent map of Glorantha in the Second Age (rqgloranthamap.jpg282 Kb)

Introduction Preview — the introductory preview for Glorantha – The Second Age. This is mostly an introduction, table of contents and background for the book. It has pages 1-3 and 15. (glorpre1.pdf / 944 Kb)

History, Cultures and Races — This preview is of pages 22, 32, 65, and 67 and has some additional background information, as well as some brief information on cultures and races in the second age. (glorpre2.pdf / 874 Kb)

Gazetteer — this third preview of Glorantha is comprised of pages 84, 86, and 92 and has bits about Jrustela, Seshnela, and Fronela. (glorpre3.pdf / 904 Kb)