New BRP Heads to the Printer

By Dan Zappone May 20, 2023 1 Min Read

Chaosium’s recent blog announcement reveals that Basic Roleplaying Universal Game Engine is on the verge of heading to the printer. Check out the post in Unnatural Selections for more in-depth information, including compelling excerpts and numerous outstanding reviews.

Exciting news! The Basic Roleplaying Universal Game Engine is now available in PDF format, granting you the freedom to use it for personal and commercial purposes under the ORC license.

To acquire the PDF, simply visit and make a direct purchase, and the cost of the PDF will be deducted from the physical version when you decide to obtain it.

Alternatively, you can also find the PDF on DriveThruRPG, but please keep in mind that purchasing it there does not include a deduction of the PDF cost from the physical copy.