Deluxe Basic Roleplaying Status

By Dan Zappone May 2, 2006 1 Min Read
First Basic Roleplaying Standalone Edition Cover ImageFirst Basic Roleplaying Standalone Edition Cover

Chaosium’s Deluxe Basic Role Playing (BRP) system is still developing but is progressing smoothly. Writer Jason Durall has announced that the chapter on powers is undergoing major revisions and should be ready for playtesting soon. While the powers chapter is the only one requiring significant modifications, the other chapters are undergoing minor changes. They will be posted alongside the updated powers chapter.

The playtesting phase has been productive so far, with valuable feedback being provided by playtesters. The feedback has been relevant and plentiful, so Jason is taking time to incorporate all the changes into the latest version. Unfortunately, I have not been able to gather a group for playtesting, so I have primarily conducted hypothetical testing.

Once the updated files are released for playtesting, they will likely undergo a relatively short cycle before being refined and sent to layout. The hope is to have the rules published in time for two upcoming conventions, Continuum (July 28th – 31st) and GenCon (August 10th – 13th).

In addition to the BRP system, Chaosium is also interested in publishing BRP monographs. They are actively seeking submissions and would love to have some ready for the upcoming summer conventions. Those interested in submitting a monograph can find the guidelines on their website.

With the continued progress on the BRP system and the potential for additional content, it’s an exciting time for fans of Chaosium’s games.