Deluxe Basic Roleplaying Status

Basic RolePlaying
Basic Roleplaying

Chaosium’s Deluxe Basic Role Playing is still under development and seems to be progressing well. The chapter on powers is undergoing major revision at present and the writer, Jason Durall, has stated that the chapter should be released to testing very soon. The powers chapter is the only one that required major revision. The other chapters are undergoing minor revision and will be posted along with the powers chapter.

Overall the play testing has been going very well. Feedback during the play test has been on topic and to the point not to mention prolific. In fact there is so much useful feedback that it is taking some time for Jason to get all of the changes into that latest version. I unfortunately haven’t really been able to get a group together for testing so I have had to limit myself primarily to more hypothetical testing.

I expect that once Jason releases the updated files for play testing they will undergo a relatively short test cycle (they should be pretty refined at that point) and then go to layout. I think everyone, especially Chaosium, is hoping to see the rules published by the time for Continuum (July 28th – 31st) and GenCon (August 10th – 13th.)

One other note:

Chaosium is interested in publishing BRP monographs and they would love it if they could have some monographs ready for the summer conventions mentioned above.

You can find their monograph submission guidelines here.