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Basic Roleplaying.Net is the unofficial site of Basic Role Playing, the Chaosium d100 System. We host a variety of resources for use with Basic Roleplaying system based games.  To make the best use of these resources you will need to register with Basic Roleplaying . Net.  One registration will get you access to both our main site and the wiki as well as our forthcoming forums.

Basic Roleplaying . Net Resources

  • Pete Maranci’s Chaos Project – User contributed lists of items, abilities and NPCs for use in gaming.
  • Nick Middleton’s Uncounted Worlds – a new fanzine for Basic Roleplaying.
  • BRP Conversion Archive – Basic Roleplaying conversions of various systems and milieus.  A
  • Scenario Archive – Scenarios and adventures for the Basic Roleplaying system.  There is also a Scenarios and Adventures section on the wiki for collaborative work on scenarios.
  • BRP World Forges – Groups collaboratively building game worlds for Basic Roleplaying.
  • Rules Workshop – Rules variants and add-ons for the Basic Roleplaying system. Also see the Rules Workshop section in the wiki.

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  • The purpose of registration is to both act as a deterrent for defacement or spamming of the site and users and to provide a better experience for all users.
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