Adversaries v0.7b Update & Roadmap

By Basic Roleplaying . Net August 29, 2021 2 Min Read

Adversaries is a work in progress application allowing you to generate creatures from the bestiary with varying power levels as well as NPCs. This is not intended to create rabble but rather create stats for unique adversaries. There are multiple output styles available including styles that thematically match various editions of RuneQuest and Basic Roleplaying.

  • v0.6 – Added all remaining creatures. Fixed more bugs. Added more animals. Tweaked creature power level scaling.
  • v0.6 – Added all chaos creatures. Fixed bugs. Added more animals. Initial creature scaling.
  • v0.5 – Added generation and inclusion of Chaotic Features. Added data for more creatures in the bestiary.
  • v0.4 – Added initial cult information for creatures that belong to cults. Added name generation for names creatures.
  • v0.3 – Added multiple output formats to match source materials.
  • v0.2 – Added calculations for varied for Hit Points, Armor Points, and Strike Ranks.
  • v0.1 – Initial beta release. All basic creature generation included.


This is a non-timebound generalized roadmap

  • Add all available cult spells and abilities that pertain to creatures.
  • Generate cult specific rune spells
  • Add option to generate “awakened” animals.
  • Add ability to create NPC-style entities for appropriate creatures.
  • Add more variation in weapons for armed creatures.
  • Add language localization

Completed Roadmap Items

  • Add remaining basic creature data.
  • Add scaling allowing creation of weaker or tougher versions of creatures.

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