Issue Two

Uncounted Worlds - Issue Two Cover
Uncounted Worlds – Issue Two

After far too long (again!), a second issue.

At the moment it’s available as a PDF or at-cost PoD in US Trade, perfect bound format from Lulu – albeit Lulu are now charging a small fee for downloading the PDF, so I’d advise those who want the PDF to pick it up from BRP Central rather than Lulu. I have also passed a copy of the PDF to Chaosium, and will be putting a copy up here. The US Trade format should allow Lulu to print copies pretty much anywhere in the world.

This is a slimmer issue than I’d like, but has a nice diversity of content from a number of authors – Gianni Vacca’s “Notes Towards an Oriental Flavour for BRP”, two variant Call of Cthulhu setting ideas from Jason Durall and a fascinating article of using Skill Augmentation from Sarah Newton to name four pieces. Plus there is an alternative to SAN called Stress by Ben Monroe and myself, some ideas about Expert Skills in BRP from Bo Rosen, and a couple of new creatures for BRP games by Darrell Floyd.

Hopefully issue three will arrive in a more timely fashion…

Uncounted Worlds – Issue Two